PS3 PES 2008 gameplay clips

Two new PES 2008 videos running on PS3, and surprise surprise, no slow-downs on them, next days, PES players will judge when get the hands on the game being released tomorrow over europe.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4016d ago

for all we know people have been playing an incomplete version that had a lot of slow down.

But still no PS3 demo, doesn't seem good.

shmee4016d ago

the previous reports could be based on BETA BUILD rather than the final versions

Bubble Buddy4016d ago

Don't you guys hate it how sport demos are so short? =P

SmokeyMcBear4016d ago

yeah thats kind of weird.. i didnt notice any framerate issues, but i guess they are there because everyone is screaming about them

achira4016d ago

yeah, and with everyone you mean the xbots.

SmokeyMcBear4016d ago

hey you said it.. i didnt

shmee4016d ago

then do you think IGN (the biggest gaming website) would have given PES ps3 version a 9.2/10?

felidae4016d ago

i played the 360 version and the game had some serious framerate issues, trust me. the game drops down to 15fps or something when there's a cutscene.

so it's not only the ps3 version that suffers from some issues.

season0074016d ago

but as always only the PS3 version is going to be talked about

HeartlesskizZ4016d ago

Lovely soccer.....Love it =)

mighty_douche4016d ago


sorry, ill never get used to 'soccer'.

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The story is too old to be commented.