Rumor: Downloadable Game Boy Games For DS

Could Nintendo be planning a Virtual Console service for the Nintendo DS? That's the word from UK magazine Edge. Nintendo is gearing up to release a Nintendo DS storage card that will allow users to download and play Game Boy content on their handheld.

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darthv724010d ago

how would they get that feature to come up on the main ds screen when the ds isnt an "always on" online system like the wii? Usually you need a game to initialize the online feature of the ds. Maybe they make a special mem cart like they do for the ds browser.

skarn4010d ago

Err, that's what they said. "Nintendo is gearing up to release a Nintendo DS storage card"

Darkiewonder4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

Or even get Wii/DS connectivity working right.

Thank you RUMOR ;3

Disagree all you want, But it's true.

PS360WII4010d ago

That would be slick. Nintendo needed to do something in responce to the PSN for PSP. Now hopefully they release an affordable storage unit for the DS because I think those pro stick duo's are way to much. I just use the one they give you with the unit for I don't want to pay that much for a memory card.

Takumi864010d ago

Too bad im already playing gameboy,gameboy advance on my PSP


PS360WII4010d ago

I mean if you're going to be playing Nintendo games why not stop fighting it and just get a Nintendo handheld?

Skerj4010d ago

Because it's one less handheld carry around or in my case a lot less systems. Since Chronotrigger among other games I still have for SNES never got ported to portable Nintendo systems, I can play them on my PSP. Along with Genesis, Neo Geo, TG16, CPS1&2, and MAME. Followed by the Coup De Grace of playing PS1 games (Xenogears and Vagrant Story wins everything) and you have a wealth of games to bolster the already solid PSP library.

PS360WII4009d ago

meh I like to buy the software for my systems. It gives developers reason to make more games for my system. You can shove all the homebrew you want into it but so you know the DS does it just as well also. MAME is cool though I got that on my PC ^^

As far as less to carry to each his own I have GB, GBC, GBA, GBA SP, GBA Mini, Game Gear, PSP phat, DS phat, DS Lite, soon I'll have the PSP lite, and a few more but you get the idea. Just like with console. You never know what you want to play right?

DeckUKold4009d ago

i actually play N64/PS1 for my psp and would of never got a ds if it could be emulated on my psp

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