PS3 Blacksite plagued with development trouble, says insider

The PS3 version of Blacksite: Area 51 is experiencing technical issues and missed deadlines. Midway is apparently unhappy with these issues. The PS3 demo and launch will likely end up being delayed as a result.

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fenderputty4105d ago

I'm starting to not even care about stuff like this. It's coming out. Get it right. Delay the game if you have to. I don't care simply because, the PS3 is now starting to have a nice little game selection to keep me busy. 2008 is going to have most of my money tied up already on other titles.

This is going to turn into some recockulous thread. Everyone put on your flame retardant suits ... you're going to need em'.

Mr Marbles4105d ago

I hate to say it but, Im really starting to think the PS3 is a piece of crap. This is insane, why is a supposedly more powerful console getting everything so much later, the power of the cell is useless for games, no way in hel i would by this thing right now.

Sure all you sony appologists will say you didnt want Area 51 in the first place, but to be honest that is besides the point, the point that PS3 is crap to develop for, and this WILL hurt it in the end.

Skerj4105d ago

Disagreeing with you, once you own one you'll most certainly know it's not a piece of crap. That and developers are now learning that their old porting tricks are not working now with the PS3. THAT'S where the delays are coming in, if you've noticed games that are solely created for the PS3 have usually been on time.

skagrerrrr4105d ago

they should put voice chat with this game

wageslave4105d ago


"why is a supposedly more powerful console"

Supposedly is the operative word there. The two machines are roughly equal powered, inspite of Sony's usual space-age-4D BS marketing.

What did IGN's hardware comparison conclude?

"CONCLUSION: When you break down the numbers, Xbox 360 has provably more performance than PS3. Keep in mind that Sony has a track record of over promising and under delivering on technical performance. The truth is that both systems pack a lot of power for high definition games and entertainment."

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Kleptic4105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

UT3 has been the only delayed game so far that has even had me interested...its funny how most of the time the games that get delayed are from companies in financial trouble (in this case Midway...two of their games being stranglehold and now Blacksite...)

they announced last week that the PS3 version has a crap online system...and stranglehold is just now coming out...

UT3 I am looking forward to...get it right before relase, and I will buy it whenever...stranglehold?...gam e is garbage...keep it...Blacksite...appears to be ditto, but don't know for sure...

Orangebox I hope turns out ok too...thats rumored to be out early in november finally for the PS3 I thought...have only played Half Life 2 back in 2004 on a the orangebox is an incredible deal for me...but its already been cofirmed to not be fully optimized (not using any SPEs for it...w/e) it may end up being pretty weak...the decision to pawn off the PS3 port was made more or less by Gabe Newell...and pretty much all of us know how hard it is to make him happy...

but it doesn't matter...Uncharted is one of the best looking games ever made...this is far from an issue of the PS3 not being able to do it...its just time and money for struggling publishers that they simply can't come up with...


fair enough...that interview a few weeks back had Gabe saying EA would have the PS3 version out within the first few weeks of Nov...I guess that was either not true,or has been changed since...

Hugh Hefner4105d ago

Sorry but the OrangeBox for the PS3 doesn't comes out until December (12 December I think is the date)

pangitkqb4105d ago

maybe if they delay it (like they should) they can fully implement all the internet gameplay that is supposedly lacking in the PS3 version but included in the 360.


JasonPC360PS3Wii4105d ago

All I see are poor reviews, sales, ports and framerates.

leon764104d ago

to Jason xg1:
poor reviews: ratchet and clank review average 9-10
poor sales: outsells x360 in europe and japan;
framerates issues: Halo3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bordel_19004105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

Agree with what you say fenderputty.

I was browsing through all the Blu-ray movies and PS3 games that I want to buy from now and to the end of 2007, I found that I really need to use a lot of money. I have no problem with the delays anymore, there are enough good games and movies to keep me busy and broke for a long time. :)