Large Gaming Expo and Tournament Announced for Australia

GAME1 is set to become one of the biggest and busiest Electronic Gaming Expos and Tournament in Australia. It will run concurrently with the AUTO SALON show series held in Sydney and Melbourne later this year. The AUTO SALON show itself has a massive attendance number of approx. 35 000 people per city and once it's coupled with the expected GAME1 audience should make for an exciting and unprecedented event in the Australian gaming community.

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T-Rac5870d ago

Good news for the aussies!

BIadestarX5870d ago

The organizers of these events must be making lots of money! I used to look forward to these events but we already know what's going to happen: Sony will show some video click of MGS and Heavenly Sword. Uhhh.. no thanks.

T-Rac5870d ago


these events have become giant advertisement banners

but they are still fun