Do M Rated Games Belong on the Nintendo DS?

The Nintendo DS certainly doesn't conjure up images of mature video games, but is this categorization justified? New developer on the block Renegade Kid is looking to prove that Mature games can succeed on DS. Gregg Hargrove and Jools Watsham share their thoughts...

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skarn4065d ago

I agree, though i don't think they will be selling very well on the DS any time soon..

SKUD4065d ago

It doesn't fit into the image nintendo wants. Casual gamers don't play M rated games.

Radiomorph4065d ago

No one would force anyone to buy them. It's not like there are only casual gamers who has Nintendo consoles. If there's anything Nintendo needs it is more mature games.

Dmack794064d ago

in a word NO. Besides, M games don't even look good on the ds. I say do'em right or don't do'em at all! and that goes for more than just M games....

The Snake4064d ago

Yes. Every target demographic should be represented on every system.