Lemmy, Rob Halford, and Ronnie James Dio lend voices to Brütal Legend

The new video game Brütal Legend will focus on metal roadie Eddie Riggs and his Tour Of Destruction through a mystical world of rock and roll legend. The game's setting will fuse modern metal and Norse mythology. Brütal Legend already has several big and fitting names behind the voice talent. MOTÖRHEAD founder Lemmy Kilmister, JUDAS PRIEST vocalist Rob Halford, and HEAVEN AND HELL's Ronnie James Dio will all lend their wailing pipes to the game.

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Twizlex4103d ago

Ha! I bet 90% of the people on this site are too young to even know who these guys are.

Rooted_Dust4103d ago

I know who Dio is and I know all the bands. I just didn't really know who the other two vocalists were.

SuicidalTendencies4103d ago

How old are you rooted? Anyone who knows metal Knows Lemmy and Rob Halford. Not to sure about the game. I'll probably give it a rent.

Skerj4103d ago

Holy Diver, you've been out too long in the midnight see ooooh Brutal Legend now owns meeeeeeeeee.

socomnick4103d ago

I love when game creators take chances and release something completely different and original This game will definitely get my money.