Louisiana High School Music Teacher Wins A Million Dollars With MLB 2K11

XMNR: Wade McGilberry of Alabama was the first to win a million dollars with the MLB 2K11 Perfect Game Challenge last year and he did it with the unlikely use of Atlanta Braves pitcher Kenshin Kawakami. This year's challenge winner hails from Louisiana but succeeded in his quest for the perfect game by using cover athlete and 2010 NL Cy Young winner Roy Halladay.

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Queasy3573d ago

Not as fast as last year. The dude won it in the first day or so.

Rybakov3573d ago

haha bet he said suck it to the salary he made teaching

Queasy3573d ago

Ehh...after taxes a million dollars isn't something I would necessarily quit my job over. More like something to save and/or use to help yourself along but you'll still have to work.

Rybakov3573d ago

yeah thats what i was going for but still nice payday for that guy

Dart893573d ago

He must be like Ms.Clifton on family guy when she wins the lottery sadly i can't video to that scene:D.

Jocosta3573d ago

Thats more than Louisiana spends on education annually!

Jack-Pyro3573d ago

I'd like to be mad at you because I'm from Louisiana....But that's probably true....

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The story is too old to be commented.