TECMO Koei shows Champion Jockey Kinect screenshots

Following on from yesterday’s half-reveal of Tecmo KOEI’s Champion Jockey for Kinect, the company have dropped a batch of screenshots that show some of the erm…action.

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SuperStrokey11232798d ago

Love horse racing, this interests me actually. Probably junk but still could be cool.

ATiElite2798d ago

i can picture you now.

in your living room, holding a crop, with a mop between your legs, running in place trying to win the Triple Crown. lol! just joking

SuperStrokey11232798d ago

I see nothing wrong with that lol

MasterCornholio2798d ago

Yey a game for horse lovers. Great to see that Kinect is getting so much support from devs. Cant wait for a Polo one.

HolyOrangeCows2798d ago

Doing motions similar to a horse jockey in a race? That'll look pleasant in the family room.