Eurogamer: Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis Review 8/10

The Wii has needed a really good sports game for a long time now. A game as simple as Wii tennis in concept, so those who aren't regular gamers can pick it up quickly. But a game which also offers depth, challenge and reward. Well, Rockstar's gone and done it.

They've done it by taking a game which was great on Xbox 360 and making it great on Wii. Table Tennis surprised many people when it first turned up, and not just because it wasn't full of murder. It was simple, but well designed, combining brilliant gameplay with pleasing visuals and sponky music. It didn't offer a dozen modes or hours of fun for the solo player or billions of options for choosing the colour of their character's eyelashes, and it was priced accordingly.

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Maestro4012d ago

Even this garbage is going to score better than R&C. Color me impressed