New Oblivion content available this Thursday

Bethesda has announced that a new content download entitled Spell Tomes will be released on Xbox Live Marketplace this Thursday the 31st.

The download will add "Spell Tomes" to the treasure finds within the Oblivion world. By just reading these books, characters will be granted new and powerful spells...

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willud4skins5881d ago

spells look pretty lame. this is a stretch. should be free.

speed5881d ago

I agree, they should have thrown us this bone. I thought since its been awhile since they've released any content, they would have maybe added some DB missions or something. I still like to play but am running out of stuff to do.

Sphinx5881d ago

...this means they are still working on some worthwhile downloads... a new class would be nice... or race... or some seriously long and challenging missions.

willud4skins5881d ago

maybe they will make a small island to explore with new monsters and items. something like morrowind game of the year ed. other than that these downloads havent been to interesting.

Aflac5881d ago

...more spells=more fun! Bethesda, keep it up!

LightWarrior3935881d ago

I don't see the point of downloads like this. To me the games already dead I'm selling it cause there is just nothing to do anymore for me, and with the certain kind of downloads there giving out there won't be for a long time so I had my fun with Oblivion and I'm done.