First look at Sonic Generations 3DS

Check out the first images of Sonic Generations on 3DS, which is also the first Sonic game ever for the system.

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Nes_Daze3407d ago

Hmm it really does, and they're not even direct feed.

xVeZx3407d ago

i seen the one coming to ps3 and 360 and omg that game looks so dam good

RockmanII73407d ago

1 - They confirmed that Robotnik/Eggman will be in the game (Pic 3), I assumed so but Sega has been very coy about the games villain.

2 - They confirmed that Launch Base Zone will be in it (Pic 3) and that they will recycle bosses again to some extent.

2 - The Chaos Emerald game (pic 5) is very similar to Sonic 2's game. I hope that is just for the 3DS, I hated Sonic 2's Emerald game.

soren3407d ago

cant fit on psp psp2 yes

FlintGREY3407d ago

im pretty sure if tekken 6 and GOW can can a little sonic

soren3407d ago

yeah tekken 6 and god of war look all pixalated so u fail i played them and ino trust me no 3ds game can fit on psp maybe ghost recon but thats it

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