AT AT From Star Wars Remade In Halo Reach

HRSotD (short for Halo: Reach Screenshot of the Day) is a daily feature dedicated to the wonders of Halo: Reach screenshots and the artists that capture these amazing images. A variety of shots—all of which are completely unaltered and captured in Halo: Reach's theater mode—are included for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy the varied selection of images, and maybe even find inspiration to make your own!

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TXIDarkAvenger2705d ago

This is ok I guess....but how the heck did this get approved lol.

Speakindatruth2705d ago

I want whatever that guy was smoking.

thats_just_prime2705d ago

I admitted i've never played halo reach and dont know what tool set they are using. However that looks like crap its not even a good low poly model of an at at

1PC2PS333602705d ago

why does it look like it's waiting to be sodomized??

awiseman2705d ago

wow talk about trolling....

I put it up so the creativity of the creators could be shown off...nothing more.

Rybakov2705d ago

nobody appreciates anything need to take it so hard....just look at the free games sony is giving out for the outrage everyone got angry about those....when there free....for a free service

for what its worth i think its pretty cool