Blacksite in November For Pc and 360

Midway also confirmed to Eurogamer this afternoon that Blacksite: Area 51 will launch on PC and 360 in November.

However, it will definitely not be joined by the PS3 version, which looks like it might not show up until next year.

But unfortunately Midway remained coy over revelations that the promised online co-operative play had been dropped from the final game, after IGN unearthed its absence in a recent hands-on play test.

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Premonition4013d ago

Good, I sent them a message about this crap, not givng PS3 the online support the other 2 system has, I told them to push it back, they shouldnt even try to release it in Nov with so many better games coming out.

Hugh Hefner4013d ago

Because they will listen to you and do everything you say...

Marceles4013d ago

You're probably the first person to ever write to Midway...ever. The last mail they got was probably from Mortal Kombat 1 being too violent.

Marceles4013d ago

I'm not too excited about this game. UT3, COD4, and Crysis are the only FPSs I'm REALLY looking forward to soon. I'm curious about HAZE but it doesn't have my blood pumping just yet. As for this game, it's just off my radar now. But you never know, it could be one of those "Zack and Wiki" sleeper hits out of nowhere. They also dropped online co-op, so I can see the online community being even less excited...if they ever were in the first place.

Chris_GTR14013d ago

wow... just wow. ps3 owners got owned once again.. its now official
its the delaystation 3

Sam Fisher4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

assassins creed, MASS EFFECT, guitar hero 3, u no thats the reason y ea delayed army of two i mean nobody was going to get it til every1 got bored of 1 of these 3... personally they should delay this aswell and take it out with the ps3 version so they have enough time to fix every bug and make the visuals better than now

Charlie26884013d ago

I am waiting for the longer demo before seeing if I might pick this one up :)

I enjoyed the original so I am tempted with this one XD

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The story is too old to be commented.