IGN: Two Worlds II Castle Defense Iphone Review

IGN: "Two Worlds II Castle Defense is only vaguely linked with the third-person action adventure Two Worlds II. It takes place in the same universe, but is an overhead tactical game all about you defending an area from invaders, summoning troops and strategically directing them to victory. It's a surprisingly deep take on the castle defense genre, but its current $9.99 price tag and brutal difficulty make it hard to recommend.

In Two Worlds II Castle Defense you're the all-seeing commander of a small battlefield. From your birds-eye view you summon troops to defend an important person from incoming waves of enemy orcs. You're challenged to select the right troops for the job, picking from specialties like swordsman, bowman and healer. Of course all these units (and their upgrades) cost money, so it's up to you to effectively spend your limited income on what will best hold against the incoming enemy tide. "

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phantomexe2706d ago

I would love to know where my dlc is for two worlds 2. Great game no support on the ps3 or xbox.

aPerson2706d ago

They've announced an expansion called "Pirates of the Flying Fortress". It will come out in September.