Sony Leaking New PS3 Features With Trademarks

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has began to register many new trademarks for US Patent and Trademark Office called Ember, SkyBlue, Carriage Return, and Race Day.

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DrPirate4015d ago

Carriage return?

Triple A typewriter simulator confirmed!

shmee4015d ago

dont forget a cell could do so many things including full fledged secondary and tertiary raytracing.

i am betting on something totally innovative

gamehendge4015d ago

Sony innovates, MS imitates

kevoncox4015d ago

Yes that's why thye have been using the same controller for 12 years.
Once that was based off Nintendo's controller and the N64's sticks, rumble and a hose of other features.

That's why 6 axis was a tacked on POS. No developers can used it because it was a last minute addition to copy nintendo again. That's why after all the crap they talked about's back baby.
That's why their OS still sucks... That's why we still don't have customer soundtracks because the ram set up sucks...

Truly innovative

The Wood4015d ago

you wouldn't know innovation even if it poked you in your third eye. Yes sony has copied but there are numerous things that they were the first to do. Lets just look at this generation alone. Look at eye of judgement. that is an absolute first which im sure will be copied by you know who. Bluetooth on a console to allow extra connectivity and allowing you to put any 2.5hdd in as a replacement for the built in version. Im sure there are an equal amount of things that sony have copied but at least they have done new things with every gen playstation console whether it be games or hardware plus there are innovations that I have not mentioned.

I will also admit that many things are just evolved not innovated like nintendo's 6 button pad to sony's 8 button pad followed by the buttons under the first 1 then dual analogs which is now the standard. There might not have been a 360 if there was no playstation. What do you feel about that

gololo4015d ago

"Yes that's why thye have been using the same controller for 12 years." Dude, if it ain't broke, why fix it. I will probably be accused of sony favoritism...but to in MY OPINION sony controllers are simply the best, and thank god sonny abandoned the PS3 "boomerang" like controller. So, yes, it has not been changed in 12 years because it simply works and people like it.

andy0014015d ago

Yeah, they should have changed the controller to be more like the original xbox controller. It was so cool to be able to play games and still have enough room on the controller for a tv dinner :o)

Sony's controller, from its first iteration, was as near to perfect as you are going to get. I am not sure what benefit is gained by changing it. I can see why MS changed their's as it was awful (and still not great for fighting games), and Nintendo traditionally seems to change controllers for every system, although I really like the Gamecube controller.

feejo4014d ago

Who need a typewriter. Grrrrr. Cell was not design to do games in particuliar.

- Please I don't want to know about things that are not there yeat, they will probably be delayed too. lol.

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Maddens Raiders4015d ago

Sony keeps moving foward for its customers. Wonder what this is all about....more PSP to PS3 inventions is a good thing.

Skerj4015d ago

Wonder if it has something to do with the video I'm attaching. levelHead is a 3D spatial puzzle game created to use with the Eyetoy (and if Sony DID pick this up the PSEye) and special cubes that well, just watch the video it'd make MC Escher proud.

mighty_douche4015d ago


oops caps.

Baba19064015d ago

wow lol thats really wow

rwest784015d ago that these will be some of the Arcade games in HOME.

WilliamRLBaker4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

lets see what has sony innovated?

CD based system...opps nope that was done atleast 3 times before the ps1.
Analog...nope done like 6 times the original atari had an analog stick you know the big black one with the one red button?

Online...nope infact online was done long before xbox, dreamcast...ect Infact the first truely online capable console was back in the snes and genesis era it was called Xband it allowed for the play of games online.

DVD? yep they created the first DVD based console

Motion sensing...nope there we're ones before the Wii and its a fact the motion sensing in the ps3 controller was tacked on at the last minute why else did no one know of it? every single person in the industry was suprized not a single one wasn'tt.
Its all so a fact hardly any games use it, and it sux!!!!!

Portable system? Nope
so what in the console area besides a dvd based system has sony innovated...oh yeah nothing.

Eye toy? nope their we're visually sensitive games before that.

I cant really come up with any thing else that sony has innovated.
LOL oh yeah! they innovated the BOOMERRANG controller!

Skerj4015d ago

Hah funny you mentioned the CD based system because still this day I wonder what would have happened in the game industry if Nintendo hadn't screwed Sony over in that deal.

-SIXAXIS-4015d ago

LOL. I love you XBOX Fanboys. What has XBOX innovated?

DVDs? Nope. Used in PS2.
Memory? Nope used in PS1.
Trigger Controllers? Nope.
Online Friends List and Download Service? Maybe if you don't count PC.

So Sony and Microsoft haven't been the best innovators. Nintendo hasn't either. Only thing they made was the Wii Motion sensing, but that was done on PS1 with Warhawk 1 years before. Check YouTube if you don't believe me.

Antiomo4015d ago

Creating a multipurpose unit for your household gaming machine and personal heater for your home.

How great is that!, plus you know its working cuz it emulates fire with the RROD

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