Europe: help MS sell 360s, get 10 free XBLA games

Todo Juegos (translated) is reporting that Microsoft is planning a new promotion for Europe. Said promotion should run between November 1st, 2007 until January 31st, 2008. The gist of it is pretty simple. Just get a friend to purchase a new 360 at some point during the promotion, attach a copy of the receipt to a special coupon (PDF link), mail it in, and both you and your friend will receive ten free Xbox Live Arcade games. The games reportedly offered are:

* Sensible World of Soccer
* Sonic the Hedgehog
* Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting
* Bomberman LIVE
* Marble Blast Ultra
* Spyglass Board Games
* Small Arms
* 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures
* Assault Heroes
* Zuma Deluxe

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predator6019d ago

GOD DAMIT, i got 5 of my mates to get one after they came round to have a go on it begging of the year and summer, i could of had 50 free, lol, what a bugger.

DrRage776019d ago

you mean kind of like dropping the price of a console twice less than a year after it's launch?

gdguide6019d ago

LOL. To sell our next gen console in Europe, let's give away 15 year old games that could run on a cell phone.

Come on MS. Give away one real game instead of 10 old school ones.



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Destiny1080163d ago

we need a new sonic pinball, with boss battles / hidden stages / 1 sec load times

Snookies12161d ago

Definitely agreed. I loved Sonic Spinball back on Genesis. I want a new Mean Bean Machine too, while we're at it!

Snookies12161d ago

Still need to check out Frontiers at some point. Just waiting on a really good Steam sale for it.

Games1st161d ago

I didn't realise it was that popular.


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