Gamer Gaia - 10 Great Ways to Die In Gaming

Dying in games can be a royal pain in the posterior. You’ve just went through ages of content, striving towards the next checkpoint when – BAM! – you die, probably quite horribly. Sure, that’s annoying. Sure, it means you have to reload. Sometimes though, it isn’t always annoying. Sometimes deaths can be cool. They can wow you, they can make you laugh, they can even make you want to kill yourself again just for the sake of it. In celebration of this, GamerGaia have decided to put together this special feature looking at their favourite gaming deaths. They’re not in any particular order, as they rank each of these as being equally quite brilliant.

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honestpizza2918d ago

The art of creative deaths is slowly fading away.... sad! I wanna see more Orchid-esque deaths.

rmoar2918d ago

Good stuff, I always appreciate a great death in a video game.

TheJibble2918d ago

There's something wrong with people who enjoy watching others die.

rmoar2918d ago

That's half the fun in most video games.

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