BRB, BlizzCon 2011 Last Chance Tickets On Sale Tonight

RipTen: Feeling a little down on your luck after missing out on the first batch of BlizzCon 2011 tickets? Fear not my little warlock friend, Blizzard is giving you one more shot at them tonight at 7 p.m. Pacific Time (10 p.m. Eastern Time). Unfortunately, you may have to pull a quick “BRB” during raid to give yourself a shot at these bad boys, but any self respecting guild master should understand the severity of the situation.

SpaceSquirrel4797d ago

I can't wait to see what Blizzard comes up with at this year's event.

Rearden4797d ago

BlizzCon tickets have been sold out every year ever since WoW came out -- there's always thousand of folks who'd love to go but couldn't get a ticket. Pretty much like E3 :)


MK - Rachel Lara (Cosplayer) Interview

Merlin'in Kazanı made an interview with the famous cosplayer Rachel Lara.

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BlizzCon Virtual Ticket Survey Reveals Blu-Ray Disc and Game Demo Streaming Plans

Blizzard Entertainment is contacting BlizzCon Virtual Ticket viewers to fill out a research survey.

The survey suggests Blizzard is considering to expand the pay-per-view BlizzCon Live Stream to PSN, Xbox Live, and iPad. Sounds like Blizzard is really into coming back to consoles.

The survey also hints at game streaming technology like Gaikai's, allowing BlizzCon Live Stream viewers to play the same game demos played at the show floor -- such as World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm and Diablo III -- straight from your web browser.

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BlizzCon 2011 Store Merchandise Sales Again on November 11-18th

Blizzard Entertainment has sent out emails to BlizzCon 2011 attendees and Virtual Ticket online viewers to inform a new wave of BlizzCon 2011 Store merchandise will be on sale through November 11 - 18th.

Among the merchandise sold this year was the World of Warcraft Doomhammer LARP Replica, and the Mega Bloks StarCraft II Battlecruiser.

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Medievaldragon4628d ago

Very nice for those who missed the sale, or were too busy at Blizzcon playing the demos.