Pro-G: Virtua Fighter 5 Review 9/10

Virtua Fighter 5 was an exclusive PS3 launch title here in the UK. Sony enthusiasts were delighted of course - here was an excellent beat-em-up you could only get on the PS3. While we all new that the game would be coming to the Xbox 360 some time this year, PS3 owners were safe in the knowledge that they would enjoy a sizeable head start on 360 owners. But during the summer news started to filter out of SEGA HQ that the 360 version would have some marked improvements over the PS3 game, one being online play. News which helped 360-owning VF fans feel a whole lot better about having to suffer a wait for the hardcore gamer's beat-em-up of choice.

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kingfury4015d ago

I laugh at this. Even with online it still couldnt score higher than PS3. Xtards go back to playing DoA.

kalle4015d ago

Why dont you get a life your retard? are you so sad that you cant get a 360 from your mother? I'm glad you dont have a 360 because i dont want another kid online.

Virtua Fighter 5

Xbox 360 90.0%

PlayStation 3 87.1%

jinn4015d ago

nice game, but 8 is as high this game can get