Eurogamer- Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Preview

Eurogamer: "With its desaturated landscapes and shaky-cam set-pieces, Assault Horizon is shaping up to be frantic and intense. This is the most cinematic Ace Combat game yet, and also the most approachable. If you're a fan of the series, there's more than enough of the old design intact to keep you happy, by the looks of it. If you're a newcomer who's after a way in, you may be surprised how engrossing all this jet fighter stuff can be. "

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slavish32918d ago

i have very very very high hopes for this game!

Xof2918d ago

Not too fond of the real-world modern day setting. If they set it 20 years in the future, that'd be one thing, but I have a very hard time seeing AH managing to do any of the cool stuff previous AC games did.

Massive land invasions?
Fleet battles?
Death stars?

I don't see it.

And I'm also tired of preveiw'ers calling it "accessible", implying that the older AC games were somehow dense, and inaccessible. The Ace Combat franchise defines the casual arcade flight combat genre... hell, it created that genre, and no one else comes close. It's just as easy to get into as your average FPS.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2918d ago

Agreed. Still gonna get it but I doubt it have the same feel. Also true about the accessibility. Ace Combat has always been easy to pick up and play. Somehow I feel this 1 will be less accessible.