Blazblue Deciphered: History of the World

GameXplain Says: "The Blazblue series is not like most fighting games. Where Tekken, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat are all based around fighting tournaments in order to bring their menagerie of fighters together, Blazblue tells a wholly different story. It is a complex tale filled with many foreign terms and a web of interpersonal relationships between the fighters, there for those who want to become immersed in this crazy world. For the gamers who just want a solid fighting system and the ability to challenge other people online, Blazblue has that. There may not be as many characters as Super Street Fighter IV, but none of them play alike. Fighting enthusiasts can spend hours trying to master each one, but it's the story that gives Blazblue a truly unique flavor for many. Even during combat the dialog between characters gives a sense of relationships, story, and even past events. The original game had a tale that even casual fighters could get into though its labyrinthine natur...

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Dash Reindeer2920d ago

I need this cuz the game made no sense to me

Kalowest2920d ago

The story in BB is not hard to follow.

Redempteur2920d ago

it isn't ..
but the world itself goes way over the casual fighter mecanics.

Kalowest2920d ago

The story in BB is awesome, and comical (kaka calls Litchi "Boobie Lady", and picks on Noel Vermillion for being flat-chested.)

Eternalb2920d ago

Looking forward to what they do with CS 2 on the 3DS.