Violent Videogames Affect Your Brain According To Doogie Howser Imposter

XXLGaming writes, "We received a little press release in our in box today in reference to a new study at the University of Missouri. It seems violent videogames can cause your brain to be less responsive to violence and increase your aggression levels. What do you think? Ok, we couldn't resist poking some fun at their spokesman, Doogie Howser with glasses."

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Monkeyboy2916d ago

I saw the release. As someone with a degree in science, it appalls me to see the headline "Violent Video Games Proven To Increase Aggressive Behavior" followed by text that states "There also could be an unmeasured factor that causes both a preference for violent video games and a smaller brain response to violence." In other words, they're saying that those that showed a violent response to videogames may have already been predisposed to violence. Is that what's passing for scientific proof in Missouri?

QuodEratDemonstrandm2916d ago

It's what passes for scientific evidence for people who don't like violent video games.

I'm not 100% sure there's any way to demonstrate anymore than a moderate correlation between videogame violence and violence out here in the real world. Experimenters are limited quite a bit by ethical and legal boundaries.

An experiment like this doesn't need a control group. It needs a control condition. Responses should have been measured BEFORE the games were played, then AFTER.

Might be why they went with a press release instead of a journal article. Sloppy methodology.

rwallace2916d ago

My fiance has a degree in psychology and she was appauled as well. I just sat here and giggled the whole time as I posted it mostly because the guy really does look like Doogie Howser with glasses on. How can we take him seriously?