Tony Hawk talks Wii Fit board as a controller

Speaking in a recent interview, Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk commented that it would be possible to integrate the Wii Fit Board into one of his games although it would change the control scheme dramatically so some thinking would have to be done in respect to that issue. Although Hawk failed to go much beyond that and add any great certainty into his comments.

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predator4010d ago

now that would be cool, bring back memories of when i use to skate

THE_JUDGE4010d ago

just like his game has become.

PS360WII4010d ago

The Wii Board is another tool that is making developers think outside the box as far as controlls. I hope they can get some cool ideas down and have it work. Sure Wii Fit isn't for the crowd here but I'm sure there will be a game made down the road that uses the board for a big cool factor. Hopefully at least

orcabear4010d ago

Is it me or is Tony Hawk looking more like Bill Gates?

DeckUKold4010d ago

falling off and breaking bones in ya body

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