RIP: Pay to Play Business Model

MMOCrunch examines the Pay to Play vs Free to Play business models for MMO games and announces the death of the P2P model.

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Godmars2902923d ago

Until WoW goes P2P, P2P will never die.

ItsEvan2923d ago

Assuming you said F2P, WoW doesn't really have any incentive to go P2P, it has such a huge fanbase that it would most likely be detrimental to their budget.

Murgatroyd72923d ago

WoW will eventually crumble. Nothing lasts forever in the online world. One day, WoW will be a thing of the past. Facebook will be gone, Twitter will be gone...hell, even Google and Wikipedia might be gone. As always, everyone will move on and relentlessly mock the remaining stragglers.

RaymondM2920d ago

I dunno man...people are still buying Elvis cds and that guy has been dead for years lol.
but seriously, with a fan base like Wow, obviously something new will come up, but odds are with Blizzards track record: it'll be something else from Blizzard.

Murgatroyd72919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Music and technology are very different, though. Technology is something that constantly grows and improves while music is entirely about taste. Yes, improvements are made, but some of the oldest known music is still listened to by many people because it works the same way as new music. But how many people still use AOL 4.0 or Friendster? As long as people are able to play it, there will still be WoW fans for years and years, but it will eventually no longer be the "Big Kahuna". Just like how WoW stole the spotlight from the likes of Diablo II and EverQuest, something will eventually steal the spotlight from WoW.

Rah5er02923d ago

P2P..I hate it in gaming, and I hate it when performing at a venue.