GameFly acquires Direct2Drive - Confirmed

Mail-order game disc renter GameFly Inc. has announced that it will acquire Direct2Drive, the PC game digital distributor service owned by News Corp. subsidiary IGN Entertainment. The announcement, first reported by Gamefly-owned gaming news site Shacknews, confirms rumors about the acquisition that surfaced earlier in the week.

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MWong3470d ago

I wish Direct2Drive also supported consoles.

BLAKHOODe3470d ago

I subscribe to GameFly.. not really that big a fan of the service as it takes them FOREVER to send me something new. If I mail something back to them on a Monday, I'll be LUCKY if I get something else from them my mid-week the NEXT week, where as with Netflix I can mail something out on Monday and have something new by Thursday. I wish Netflix rented video games. Unfortunately, GameFly is my only game renting option other than Blockbuster, which has a lousy selection.

nnotdead3470d ago

i think i will try Blockbuster after this month of my Gamefly runs out. Blockbuster now has games and movies at a cheaper price than having Netflix and Gamefly combo.

BrianG3470d ago

I used GameFly as well, the trial. Wasn't very impressed with the delivery time on the games.

But I know GameFly just recently won a lawsuit that showed the USPS was discriminating against GameFly packages. They were withholding delivery to ensure it took longer for the games to get to customers.

Maybe we will see an increase in delivery speed after the lawsuit is all wrapped up and the discrimination stops.

Schade3470d ago

And this exact rant coming out of my mouth is why I now use

multipayer3470d ago

This acquisition doesn't seem so bad, maybe they'll figure out a way to rent pc games.

matt19913470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

If any one wants a FREE Month of gamefly click the link below

BeastlyRig3470d ago

soo we will rent digital games?