Avault: Subsonic NEO PS3 hardware review

During the recent PlayStation Network unpleasantness, many PS3 users took advantage of one of the features that sets the PS3 apart from the Xbox 360 and the Wii: it’s also a Blu-ray disk player. But there are no on-screen instructions for how to use the standard DualShock controller when watching movies, and let’s face it, most of us are too lazy to dig out the PS3 owner’s manual. Peripheral manufacturer Subsonic has come to the rescue with the NEO controller, which attempts to simplify the PS3 Blu-ray experience.

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cliffbo2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

anyone who has problems using the ds3 to play blu-ray discs must be blind or

anyway OT you will still have to read the manual for this controller too.

so i think i will save my money for games instead.