BioShock Movie 'Definitely Still In The Conversation,' says Levine

As the creative director of Irrational Games, Ken Levine and his Boston-based development team has helped change the face of interactive entertainment. He’s also given 2K Games, which now owns Irrational Games, a solid game franchise. The original BioShock sold over 4 million copies, attracting core and mainstream gamers alike. Rather than staying underwater with the franchise, Levine took to the skies, literally, with the 2012 release, BioShock Infinite. He talks about the new game and the BioShock movie in this exclusive IndustryGamers interview.

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gypsygib2919d ago

I really want a quality Halo movie.

The Halo story is so cool, not so much in the games but the Halo universe in general. I was reading it on Halowiki and it's awesome.