Ubisoft confirms Your Shape 2 for Kinect

Ubisoft are making preparations for E3, and have sent out a mailer advising a few potential new Kinect games, all of which will be on show at…well…the show. One of which, is Your Shape 2.

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a_bro2916d ago ShowReplies(1)
Nes_Daze2916d ago

So far four people don't know what a "gym" is..

Wikkid6662916d ago

So getting some exercise with a $50 game... or pay $100 month for gym membership??? Hmmmm... just be thankful people are trying to get some exercise and understand not everyone can afford the gym.

Nes_Daze2916d ago

LOL you call that exercise? You know what doesn't cost a cent? Going to the park and jogging. Kinect has good potential but this is going the same route of Wiifit, which is just another attempt to lure in the casuals.

news4geeks2916d ago

$100 a month lol... maybe if you are a yuppie who thinks planet fitness is a gym.

TheDarkness2916d ago

the gym membership is More like 100$ a year. You would spend that amount in a month with 60$ +DLC and the xbox live membership.