Gamers XTREME - The 3rd Birthday Review

Aya Brea has finally returned to Parasite Eve fans after being on hiatus for roughly 11 years...was it worth the wait? Find out in our review!

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Vegivo2920d ago

I still need to finish this ;(

Reibooi2920d ago

Don't finish it. Honestly I'm dead serious. You will enjoy the game a million times more if you play close to the end but never finish. The game has one of the worst endings ever and pretty much ruins everything about it.

likerussia2920d ago

I do like the review, although I rated it in my own review much lower, but everyone has different opinions!

GamersXTREME2920d ago

Appreciate the compliment about the review!

StbI9902920d ago

Call me when this hit the ps3

GamersXTREME2920d ago

Hopefully it will...I even stated in the review that the game "felt" like it was intended for a console release and would benefit from it.

Inception2920d ago

Nice review. I already finished it 5 times and got some bonus costumes. But too bad, besides costumes there's nothing else to do...

GamersXTREME2920d ago

Thanks! Really appreciate the compliment! Did you complete the game on "insane" mode? I heard there's supposedly a secret boss fight upon completion. I'm going to tackle "insane" mode to find out after I complete my second playthrough.

Troll-without-Bridge2920d ago

I really loved this game, im trying to finish it on Insane level difficulty.