Steam Ubisoft Week: Day 3- Trackmania United Forever Star Edition

It’s wednesday, the third day of Steam’s Ubisoft week of deals, today’s game of choice on offer is Trackmania United Forever Star Edition.

For today only the racer is seeing a 75% discount.

Trackmania United Forever Star Edition- £5.00

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Vega752916d ago

I freshly hope they have a splinter cell deal this week that's what I'm holding out for. Here's hoping

Vega752916d ago

I hate my iPhone the spell check is shit

Solid_Snake-2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

there on sale not on steam. search them there 33% off

wonder if sc:c comes with GRFS beta

chak_2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )


I was eager to discover discounts on EA sales, but ubi... I don't even check.

BeastlyRig2916d ago

I want trackmania 2 now!!

sonicsidewinder2916d ago

Trackmania is awesome. (only played the free version, mind)

You gotta play it while listening to Eurobeat. Always Intense!