XBL Marketplace issues are due to an ‘internal operational error’

Major Nelson has clarified the issue.

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Neo Nugget2923d ago

Screw this, I'm switching to PSN!


Max_Dissatisfaction2923d ago

Don't use your real name, address or credit card

n4gisatroll2923d ago

dont troll, psn cards are easy and best to use anyway.

TBM2923d ago

I'll still be using my debit card for purchases when the store comes back. As for this error stuff since im a silver member this doesn't/didn't affect me at all.

FACTUAL evidence2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Dam MS get's on the ball with their errors. Well software ones at least....

killershadow1172923d ago

Wow that was fast, I didn't even know it was on the frights. Come on Xbox team, lets get this up fast, and while I am at it. Come on PSN team and get the store up as soon as you can!

lazertroy2923d ago

Why is their a PS3 in the picture???

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