The Hidden Cost Of The PSN Downtime Debacle

Sarcastic Gamer tackles an important issue in PSN's down time. What is the real cost here?

From the article. "Sony is a big company. Like, a REALLY big company. Within that company, PSN and the PS3 makes up only a small part. However, unlike most companies, Sony does an extraordinary job of making synergy amongst its varied products a very high priority. So, while it’s easy to argue that the PSN downtime debacle is “not that big of a deal” or that “PSN will come back stronger” or whatever stirs your Kool-Aid, the bottom line is that consumers’ confidence in Sony is what will ultimately take the biggest hit.

Unfortunately for Sony, consumer confidence is the one thing you never want to lose. Read on."

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Chaostar2922d ago

Are we not sick of these PSN opinion articles yet? Its been weeks. Ok then here's my 2p.

Consumers are INCREDIBLY fickle, their 'confidence' is bought and sold many times over in the space of a very short time. If people can put the RROD behind them and move on then why would this be any different? Tbh the artcle boils down to little more than exaggerating a problem to attract the attention of the Sony fans, hoping to get them in a rage for hits. It's done so much, to fans of all systems, but people keep falling for it. Sigh.

LGFreedom2922d ago

dunno how facts that were reported in Forbes is exaggeration... and you're wrong about fickle consumers, btw. Flat out wrong. That's why brand management is so important. RRoD is way different than this in scope as it effected ALL PS3's not half or whatever the number of RRoD consoles there were.