Gears of War 3: Rod Fergusson's Beta Post-Mortem

NowGamer: Gears of War 3 Executive Producer Rod Fergusson talks about the virtues of beta-testing, including what will be changed for launch...

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skyward2923d ago

This game is just going to be so full of content. Can't wait to see what other multiplayer maps they've got up their sleeves... Gnasher FTW!

Active Reload2923d ago

I read another one of Rod's recent interviews and along with other new maps there will also be more game types. I'm crossing my fingers, hoping they bring back Submission, but I doubt they will. Capture the Leader is ok, but it's not better than having those different types of meat flags-- saying all that crazy sh*t in Submission. And also, there really wasn't any reason they should get rid of Wingman either, so hopefully that one is in there.

bluegreenman2922d ago

They better bring back guardian! besides execution, guardian was the top played gametype for gears 2. There is still a steady 50-100K players each week in that game type. Capture the leader pales in comparison to guardian. Could you imagine the chaos?! trying to keep your leader alive in gears 3 will be so much fun, and involve so much team work.