Microsoft, Nintendo, Square Enix, Tecmo Koei Europe & More Confirmed for London MCM Expo

The London MCM Expo return to Excel this coming weekend, 27th – 29th May 2011, and along with the celebrity appearances, ‘Comic Village’ and usual bout of cosplay fanaticism comes the ‘Games Expo’, playing host to a number of well known videogame publishers and their forthcoming software line-up. This first leg of the bi-annual event promises to be one of the most packed line-ups the show has yet presented, with the likes of Nintendo, Capcom, PQube and Atari all prepared to deliver their own highlights.

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the_best_player2918d ago

360 only has gears this year

Max_Dissatisfaction2918d ago

I guess Forza 4, sequel to the HIGHEST RATED RACING GAME THIS GENERATION must be coming out next year then?

KonaBro2918d ago

Still doesn't excuse the fact GT5 crushed Forza 3 in sales.

YoungKingDoran2918d ago

based on the _medias_ reviews???
ign, gamespot...?
most of those reviewers seem like people that started gaming like 1 year ago (or, as soon as they completed some weak-ass online journalism course and obtained an e-certificate)
hate to break it to you guys, but the weatherman aint a meteorologist.

the only gamer ill listen to is one that can give me a challenge at street fighter.
and NO, not god damn street fighter 4;
street fighter 2 turbo... punk kids.
(uh... also youve got to bring a working snes as my brother has mine atm....

there will be punch and pie)