How Witcher 2 slayed my "gaming" laptop (Bitmob)

Bitmob Community Writer Tristan Damen: Witcher 2 and the promise of a mature approach to roleplaying (and gratuitous nudity) forced one gamer to make a PC purchase. Unfortunately some compromises had to be made in order to experience an uncompromising RPG.

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dirthurts2920d ago

Even high end gaming laptops aren't that great for gaming.

somerandomdude2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Actually you don't need to spend thousands of dollars to optimize this game. It is more because of software bugs, the game has frame rate issues with high end graphics cards, however the game will be patched to fix this along with ati releasing a patch just for this game, give it time. Until then just turn off "ubersampling", you should be able to run ultra setting afterwards.

kevnb2920d ago

guru 3d has the hotfix already. Big improvement. Id also like to mention im still waiting for them to fix bayonetta and assassins creed 2 on ps3...

fossilfern2920d ago

Anyone who buys a laptop to game on clearly has money to burn. Far too expensive for what they offer and a PC half the price can do it better

arjman2920d ago

Gaming laptops are a joke

midgard2272920d ago

:(, you guys r evil1 making fun of us laptop gamers!!!! I spent 1200 on mine 2 years ago and it runs most games max, just not witcher 2. i can run it on medium though so im still happy.

my fiance uses a gaming laptop because when she comes over my house its portable. a desktop not so much.

it has its ups and has its downs. but I tried a desktop but My power PC sucks at making computers, they sent it to me with without the videocard and ram in it, I had to install it myself aswell as the gpu. it still wouldnt work, i was so mad i just settled for a gaming laptop and its been ever so nicet to me :). even witcher runs fine at medium so Grrr you people making fun of us!

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