Keiji Inafune To Release A Social Game, Maybe PlayStation 3 RPG This Year

Speaking in a recent interview with Bloomberg, Keiji Inafune of ex-Capcom fame says that he plans to release a social game for the Japanese market as early as this month. In addition to this game, he also plans to release a role-playing game for the PlayStation 3 in August.

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disturbing_flame2920d ago

Why having such title when in the article you assume that it is Neptunia 2 ?

Let us guess.

BubbleSniper2920d ago

I want a game with a giant Keiji Inafune head firing a large, devastating pink laser as shown in the article-picture.

Tzuno2920d ago

I think it will release a Turd. ahahahhhhh!!!

AngelicIceDiamond2920d ago

More PlayStation games huh these articles shouldn't be news anymore.

likerussia2920d ago

This just came out of nowhere, haha

M4I0N32919d ago

hahah yeah, i didnt realise what he was doin in that pic until i clicked the article. At first i thought the guy was blowing some crazy purple dildo!

Lirky2920d ago

He has potential to make a great 25+ gb blu ray game. Especially since he left capcom which was a smart move since how some large gaming companies tend to focus on re-makes and re-hasings of the same cookie cutter products.

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The story is too old to be commented.