Japan Analyst Makes E3 Predictions - A new Xbox? A bunch of NGP games?

As we march closer and closer toward this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, opinions on what the big three hardware makers are going to reveal in Los Angeles are being spouted off everywhere you go, online and off. Japan is no exception, and Famitsu magazine obliged this week by printing some remarks from Eiji Maeda, senior analyst for SMBC and the man they usually go to for predictions at times like these......

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iamnsuperman2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

"It seems difficult to imagine they'll move that quickly considering the success of the Kinect" exactly why it will not happen. Nice idea to compete with Nintendo and beat Sony to the post but it would be insane to do so. I know a lot of people will want this but with Kinect doing well in Europe and America (two fairly large markets for Microsoft) would they want to hurt sales and any profit when they spent at lot on advertising.

I do think though Microsoft did have a back up plan for if the Kinect failed (focus on the next console and possibly announce it at this E3) but that hasn't happened. This new disc update also suggest they are trying to squeeze at least one more year out of the 360 with more storage for developers to play with ( I know it isn't substantial but more memory is still better). I am not saying the 360 needs an upgrade ( it doesn't because it is still selling well) but what I am saying is with the Microsoft's Kinect success and the recent update suggest a longer life for the 360

Thecraft19892916d ago

This aurgument is floored kinect is just a simple usb device and could work with a new console.

Kinect sales was down to the bundles being cheap I got kinect with a new slim becuase it made me £65 on ebay. software has not followed the same pattern as hardware sales.

Now MS will not wait around while devs are complaining about storage and this will only get worse when MS are the only one using a out dated storage method.

New xbox is given just think about it MS open up halo 4 trailer and the end for xbox ... coming 2012.

That would win them E3 in many peoples eyes.

jetlian2916d ago

very well happen. kinect will be 2 in 2012!! Also of note MS could make it work on next box.

BeastlyRig2916d ago

I am willing to bet $1,000 with anyone here they MS will announce a kinect title! Who's betting?

Dart892916d ago

I'll take that bet i can't bet $1,000 but i can bet tacos deal??

guitarded772916d ago

Aww hell... I want some tacos.

BeastlyRig2916d ago

sorry tacos give me gas..

Rybakov2916d ago

if there is a new xbox then htere is a new playstation

Kon2916d ago

1 year outage coming soon.

See? I can play that game too.

Rybakov2916d ago

yylod V9million coming soon and you get a free security breach with that

gunnerforlife2916d ago

at above, except that wasn't Sonys Fault was it...

B1663r2916d ago

Hey but your credit cards were all looking raged and old anyhow, so you got all new credit cards. See you have to look at the positive aspects.

SlyFoxC2916d ago

i dont know one person how had to get a new card because of the PSN outage...or one person that actually had anything go wrong with their personal data....stop helping spread lies...

Solid_Snake-2916d ago

i found your comment stupid. but the replies was worth the read.

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undercovrr2916d ago

No way in hell there will be a new xbox announced this year. MS did not invest half a billion on Kinect to release a new console. Some analysts really have no common sense

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