A Gamer's Perspective: The Problem With Heavy Rain

Join us at PixelJumpers as we take a look back at Heavy Rain, last years breakout hit for the Playstation 3, and exam one of the critical problems that held it back from greatness.

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Rybakov2922d ago

the problem with heavy rain is the i haven't seen all the endings.....its so good need to see them all

banjadude2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Believe me, it's worth it! I played the game 4+ times from beginning to end (yes, I'm that dedicated) and I was not disappointed with any of the endings!

Rybakov2922d ago

ive beaten it 3 times and other games distracted me

dragon822922d ago

I loved the game so much I got the platinum trophy for it and still wanted to play it again. :D

banjadude2922d ago

I don't blame you, we all distracted sometimes. I'm currently balancing Socom 4, Portal 2 and LA Noire, lol...

banjadude2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Oops double post, sorry.

rezzah2922d ago

the problem with heavy rain is that the rain is too heavy.

MonopolyRSV2922d ago

I'm glad I read this article.

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