Age of Conan: Free To Play vs Pay To Play Comparison

With today's announcement that Age of Conan will be going free to play, Game Breakers compiles everything you'll need to know about the major differences between the Free To Play version and the paid subscription service.

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Saryk2916d ago

The only problem I have with the F2P model for games like Conan and Everquest 2. We already paid for the software. If gamers had gotten the software for free, this wouldn't be a issue. I think that the future of all MMO should be either free software with a monthly payment or pay for the software will no monthly charge.

Wizziokid2916d ago

I might try this again, got the game a launch and it was a blast but the lack of content at the time ruined the experience, loved the gameplay too so going to have to give it another go now, see how it's changed.

tmoss7262916d ago

I agree, it was good for the first month or two then it just plummeted :(

Spenok2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I did the same thing but went back to it about a year ago and it was drasticly better. More content, enemies, armors quests etc. only problem is I ran into what appeared to be an unfixable game breaking bug so I had to stop playing which was a bummer. This makes me happy as I never wanted to to give it up.