PSN Collapse Is Microsoft’s Gain

360 Magazine: The PlayStation Network crisis has raised important questions about the future of digital, and presented Microsoft a gilt-edged opportunity to pull even further ahead in the console race…

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pedrami912921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Too bad i didn't like it.

lil Titan2921d ago

wheres my printable toilet paper so i can say i wiped my...with it

captain-obvious2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

xbox magazine got no xbox game to report on
so lets troll PSN


Dailynch2921d ago

Yes, heavens forbid we'd report on one of the biggest scandals of this generation. Face it, Sony made a massive cock-up, there's a very real chance Microsoft will benefit from this. This isn't a trolling article, it's just one that highlights something PS3 fans would rather forget.

captain-obvious2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

you mad bro ?? XD
face it your trolling article shows how pathetic you and your website is

and i still stand by my first point
you guys got NO GAMES to report on

why don't you go and make some news about skittles

and oh yah
show me the article you guys wrote when xbox live was down for like 2 weeks that one time

HolyOrangeCows2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

I guess that's why the PS3 still managed to outsell the 360 during the month that it was down. Because PSN going down was a HUGE financial gain for MS.


Anon19742921d ago

Did the PSN go down? I was too busy playing single player games on my PS3 to even notice - and now I get free games anyway. Yeah, that "collapse" was sure awful. :p

syanara2921d ago

wow PSN goes down Microsoft benefits. congratulations on stating the obvious...

really though when something bad happens to a company its obvious their competitors will benefit.

PoweredParaglider2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

@ darkride66

"Did the PSN go down? I was too busy playing single player games on my PS3 to even notice - and now I get free games anyway. Yeah, that "collapse" was sure awful. :p "

Please tell me you are joking Darkride66?
It seems you are quite the rabid ps3 fanboy, but downplaying the PSN issues is really setting a new low.

Your posting history suggests an ongoing very critical bias against anything 360 and its network, while the ps3 gets a free pass on all counts.

Lame, Darkride66, very lame.

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LocO_o2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

"Too bad i didn't like it"

The headline is very str8 forward and the website is called 360magazine - were you expecting a pro PSN article.

People on N4G click on a HHG article only to say that they hate him and his over the top headlines.

People on N4G click on an NPD article only to say that America does not equal the world.

People on N4G click on a Patcher article only to say that his predictions are BS.

People on N4G click on a Call of Duty Article only to say that its crap and they wont buy the next one only to be the first in line at midnight to pruchase.

People on N4G click on Halo article only to say that its the most over rated game in history and dont get why 360 owners only buy shooters.

People on N4G only click on a Kinect article only to say that it sucks and has no hard core games.

All of this hate on N4G makes Ghandi sad.

rjdofu2921d ago

No idea why Troll_Police got flag for trolling (LOL the irony). He said the truth.

cereal_killa2921d ago

So true rjdofu. Mods please tell me why Troll_Police is tagged for trolling but LocO_o comment isn't? And this place is supposed to be run by Sony fanboys

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2918d ago

Troll_police uses logic: Gets flagged for trolling.

Loco_O posts flamebait: *comment still up*

Wow, I really love N4G. /s

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chriski3332921d ago

Fanboy article sorry but the PSN didn't collapse its back on

Dailynch2921d ago

Umm, it did collapse. We're talking about now. How about the three weeks it was offline and all those personal details lost to criminal elements. If you ask me 'collapse' might be putting it lightly!

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2918d ago

Dailynch: NO IT DIDN'T.

Check your facts please.

Boon Tarkas2921d ago

In my opinion, nobody cares whether you liked it or not.

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Dailynch2921d ago

I don't mind you not liking it, as long as you respect the writers right to have an opinion, which you do. More than most will do!

LocO_o2921d ago

N4G will always be like this and will never change. I am convince that this place is a breeding ground for trolls.

I really wish I could find another website that has all the uptodate news in one place with out having to deal with the fanboyism that goes on here.

--------2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Ever read the comments on YouTube? Ever heard of 4chan? There are Chrome and Firefox extensions that can even block trolls for you.

You won't be able to see certain comments, people, or words on the internet if you don't want to. Hell, just skip the N4G comments and read the titles of articles to determine whether they're worth reading or not!

You don't have to be a part of this community if you dislike it. If you only dislike certain individuals, just click 'ignore' on their profile page. There are some decent members on here for what it's worth.

N4G also supports the use of RSS readers (if you're familiar with what those are) so you can be more select about which news you see. You can also accomplish the same thing via the tabs at the top of the site to weed out articles you don't wish to see.

jimmins2921d ago

I don't see how this article is flamebaity. It makes some very valid and interesting points about the negative effects PSN's downtime has had on its third-party developers and how Microsoft is seeking to exploit that. It's well-researched, well-written and original.

Dailynch2921d ago ShowReplies(3)
jimmins2921d ago

@Silly gameAr

I am absolutely NOT the author. The chance would be a fine thing lol.

Silly gameAr2921d ago

Actually, I was talking to Dailynch. Sorry about that.

Dailynch2921d ago

I posted it. But, alas, I too am not the author of this fine piece of work.

paintsville2921d ago

You're absolutely right about the ignoring and flamebait thing.
I hate that PSN is down because I actually enjoy the Playstation Home application.At the same time, Sony needed a wakeup call from their arrogant ways. You can't just bully people, "Geohot", release a $500.00 console and expect people to eat it up just because it has a "Sony" badge on it, and run on the assumption that your network has "known" vunerabilities but is perfectly safe for it's 75+ million subscribers. DING DING wake up call.
Granted Xbox Live is a vastly superior experience and isn't cheap but even the psn plus (paid) psn subscribers suffered the same fate as the free psn users. NOT COOL. That combined with the fact that Xbox Live subscriber's information has never been released to the hacker underground community is indeed a plus for Microsoft and a blow for Sony.

Biglet2921d ago

I can see how MS might feel smug about this, but I don't think the PSN "collapse" helps anyone.

DA_SHREDDER2921d ago

too bad the 360 market place crashed this morning. lol go ahead check for yourself. Wont even let me download games i already had started downloading thenight before.

trounbyfire2921d ago

LMAO your right , bad timing for him to post

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