New Marvel MMO Available on Xbox 360 or Wii 2?

Game Rant: "If Sony is running DC Universe Online, a game which charges a subscription fee, exclusively on the PS3 for the console market, guess what upcoming game they will not be allowed on their console? It’s safe to say that Marvel’s free MMO will not be available on the PS3 in order to protect DCU.

That being said, a project this big, one that will undoubtedly tie into the release of The Avengers film next year (read: the biggest comic book movie/event of all time), absolutely will be available on more than just the PC."

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zootang4014d ago

I can play DC Universe online now! In open world Gotham city or Metropolis, fighting in large groups against some of the best comic book characters of all time including Superman, Batman, The Joker, Wonder women ect.

Solid_Snake-4013d ago

lol a marvel MMO would rape DC.

Simon_Brezhnev4013d ago

@ Solid Snake

Not at the moment DC Universe has the most unique villians but Marvel got more unique Super Heroes. Hell DC right now is kicking Marvel ass Disney ruined Marvel.

AngelicIceDiamond4014d ago

Hmm keeping my eyes wide open for this one.

RockmanII74013d ago

I didn't know a Marvel MMO was being made.

Valk4013d ago

exclusively for PS3? Funny you can play DC online and not own a PS3 at all.

Raoh4013d ago

why wouldn't a marvel game be on ps3? That's just stupid.

So marvel vs capcom was not on ps3?

The new xmen game not coming to ps3?

Who writes this nonsense?

dangert124013d ago

Its a direct competitor to dc universe online
and could potential take money away from sony

Valk4013d ago

So was Warcraft to EQ but you could play it on any Sony made Laptop. Really people its time to grow up and stop the BS drama.

Companies do not have the same bias you do.

BTW we know nothing about the game to know if it is a "direct competitor" or not but you do know 3rd party games compete directly with first party on PS3 right dude? Sony hasnt stopped 3rd parties from releasing games so that their games recieve more sales.

dangert124013d ago

Ps3 runs on sony's in house built os. there laptops run on microsoft os so they have no choice plus windows is an open souce the playstation is not.
those games are not as simular to dc universe as a marval mmo would be

some people may prefer the marval mmo and stop paying the dc universe fee then sony lose 100% profit from certain people to only gaming so much percent on the 3rd party mmo

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