Is The Witcher 2's first boss fight just too hard?

Is The Witcher 2′s first boss fight simply too bloomin’ difficult? Plenty of people seem to think so, if users on the Good Old Games forum are anything to go by.

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BeastlyRig4391d ago

These casual gamers need to stop complaining!

thereapersson4391d ago

I really hope they don't mess with this game because people can't beat this thing on the first try...

Substance1014391d ago

Lol for once we actually have a game that needs tactics to finish up, why complain?

People actually need to learn to use all the tools the game gives aka signs, potions etc not just play it like a hack and slash.

radphil4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

They're mainly complaining because they can't just straightforward go up and attack the boss till it's dead. The Witcher doesn't just work like that

I can understand SOME amount of complaint due to 1 hit deaths, but you're a person against a GIGANTIC creature, and you actually have to dodge and use your head.

I died around 6 times on the boss, but that was because I was figuring out what to do. Whole point of games is to challenge the player into overcoming a situation, not being hand held into going "attack here". The irony in my statement though, is that the game IS giving you hints on this fight to begin with.

I mean Demon's Souls had the same effect of getting the player intentionally killed, and you had to move on your toes in that game too.

RankFTW4391d ago

These guys obviously havn't played Demon's Souls.

evrfighter14391d ago

it reminded me of a wow boss fight. died a couple times then phat lootz.

some people just can't handle losing.

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GameGambits4391d ago

No not even close. Rolling when a tentacle drops, then smashing X to cut it, repeat 4 times, then a quick time event plays out to drop rubble on it, and then the final thing to do is run up the rubble and drop a bomb down a hole. It's fuck easy. If these noobs are dying then turn the down difficulty or go back to call of duty.

operative0014391d ago

"X"? you mean to tell me that you are playing this game with a 360 controller? NOOOOooooooooo...

JsonHenry4391d ago

Too hard?! You only gotta trap 3 tentacles, do a QTE, then run up the fallen debri for an insta kill!!! How is that too hard? I thought the fight with Loth was tough, not the monster.

joydestroy4391d ago

lol for serial!

it's not hard. it took me a crap ton of tries, but it was only because i didn't realize how you did the last blow to him. after i figured that out, it was a cake walk. i played him on normal, but since then i've kicked it up to hard =P

mastiffchild4391d ago

Why? You and I may enjoy the harder challenge but we ARE NOT the only type of gamer out there-even on PC it would appear there are plenty who are willing to go into a game with a known previous instalment that wasn't a cakewalk and expect to be able to ghost through it on easy mode. They play purely for entertainment-not for a challenge and who're we to say "You're doing it wrong!!"?

I think it's a bit of a shame for someone playing on easy to have to try and beat a boss, the first sodding boss over 50 times!! As log as we get the challenge on harder diffs why shouldn't the easy diff be there for people who want to see the story unfold without breaking a keyboard/controller? I know you were prolly being a bit daft and don't care but you'd be surprised just how many people ACTUALLY begrudge less keen gamers their chance to experience some better games.

Whatever, I just imagine it's shit if you paid for a game and can't get by the first boss even on easy-surely devs can give people a level suited to them,no?

radphil4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

"it would appear there are plenty who are willing to go into a game with a known previous instalment that wasn't a cakewalk and expect to be able to ghost through it on easy mode. "

You have any idea how bad that sounds?

You're basically saying "People expect the sequel of a detailed game to be easier to the point of beating the boss for you"

There's a target audience they're going for. This game isn't for everyone.

Also you should look onto the posts retaining about the person "dying 50 times on easy", because they pointed out the stuff he was doing very incorrectly.

Solid_Snake-4391d ago

this boss was great. wonder if people know they have to do something else apart from slash lol

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fatalred alarm4391d ago

a bit offtopic, but i can't rendeem my dirt 3 VIP code, anyone else experiencing xboxlive marketplace problems?

Istanbull4391d ago

Why spoil the first boss? The game came out a couple of days ago, I would understand such things after a couple of weeks later. Thanks for spoiling the first boss.

chak_4391d ago

why are you reading a news about first boss if you don't want to know.

Blame your own idiocy

midgard2274391d ago

wtf, the boss wasnt even that hard, i mean sure he one hits you but in this game you basically have to live with that magic shield on, oh and dodge ofcourse.

sure i died like 8-9 times but who cares, buncha noobs

Vecta4391d ago

The magic shield stops you from regenerating vigor(mana) which is also needed to be able to block with your sword so not useful to keep it on all the time but definitely for this boss.

The boss isn't difficult either its just a "Learn the pattern, Remember the pattern" boss. Boss like that obviously require a little trial and error.

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