Will Wright: Spore "roughly" six months away

Spore will release in roughly six months time, according to its creator Will "The Sims" Wright.

"We have the game fully playable at this point and it's in final testing", Wright said yesterday in an interview with Radio 5 Live.

Spore's an ambitious game, which he admits, that's essentially a life sim. Players start off as a single-cell organism and then create their species at every stage of its evolution - from its first steps on land through to tribes then a culture and then finally it's off to explore the galaxy.

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PS360WII4016d ago

whew. I had a bit of a panic when they said they put this game on hold. Gald they are still working on it and planing on releasing it :)

predator4016d ago

yeah this game looks really good, hopfuly the end product will as good as everyone hopes

malingenie4015d ago

Ive wanted this game longer than I should have.

stuntman_mike4015d ago

i must be the only person to think this game looks dull as dishwater, not to rain on the other peeps parade but i dont get whats appealing about this game.

just looks like an advancement of pokemon with online capabilities, im not a fan of pokemon either.

Supa4015d ago

Sure beats having to wait till 2009!

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