Movemodo News: Don't Want to Spend $40 on a Sharp Shooter? Make Your Own (PS3 / PlayStation Move)

The PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter is an awesome-looking piece of kit, with stacks of buttons, sliders, stocks and triggers, but it's also a pretty costly $40/£40. There must be a cheaper alternative, right?

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Oldman1002920d ago

Exactly what i've done. I just duct taped my move to a broomstick. Im now having a much better experience.

Falaut2920d ago


just save up...seriously

madpuppy2920d ago

agreed, If you like to tinker, fine but, in the end just getting the sharpshooter is the best way to go and you will probably find out in the long run cheaper.

Quagmire2920d ago

Not Move, but 1up bitch!