Total Interview pt 2

Continuing from where NextGen left off yesterday, they return to the subjects of history, educational games, and good old naval warfare with the Total War team:

"Edge: So, you were saying that history's natural borders can be a help in the game design...

MS: It works tactically as well, because historically if someone invents something new for an edge, someone else tries to develop a counter for it.

JR: One of the areas where we've been very interested in fidelity is looking for a setting where the technology changes very quickly, and we use that to drive the technology in the game: in this case, we're going from pike and shot all the way to the Napoleonic era.

Edge: I couldn't help compare Viking with Beowulf, and it seems even more so than Beowulf to have a better sense of the reality and history that lies behind fantasy and myth..."

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