Do Gamers Want Big Games On Mobiles?

Vollee's new tech streams full next-gen PC and console games to mobiles, and today three big publishers announce that they are on board. Can it work in the real world?

It's an interesting idea backed by proprietary technology that sounds impressive in theory: bring new, full-fledged PC and console games to 3G mobile devices, and simultaneously release them with their big platform counterparts.

"We do this by running the shrink-wrapped PC or console game without any modification to the source code, take the video and sound out of those games and stream that experience down to mobile," explains Vollee CEO Martin Dunsby, speaking in the most general terms. The fat bandwidth of 3G networks allows for such technology.

"We can do things with online games, depth of gameplay, graphics, AI and physics that were just not possible with any kind of traditional Java download solution," he says.

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PS360WII4016d ago

hmm well I wouldn't mind full fledge games on phones. Well depending what phone you have that is, but to make it for only 3G phones is a little upsetting. I have an iPhone no 3G :(