GoGamingGiant: Free iPhone Game Review: Shadow Era

This is a free iPhone game that has over 500,000 players online and perfect for those who loved Magic the Gathering.

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Rah5er02919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Oh, if I only had an iPhone; looks like a fun way to waste away some time.

Wulven2918d ago

Luckily it's out for iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, even play online in your browser at with cross-platform multiplayer and your data saved on our servers to play on any device.

itani2918d ago

Nice review you. Enjoyed it.

Murgatroyd72918d ago

I've never cared for these card games, but out of curiosity, I just might check it out on the PC.

RaymondM2916d ago

Well iphone gamer peoples are laughing it up right now cause this sounds fun. My android and I will go back watching youtube

omicron0092916d ago

just got rid of my Iphone for a Droid Thunderbolt. Gotta check if Droid has it.