DiRT 3 Review: Another Masterpiece | VGW

VGW: Dirt 3 is terrifying. I settled on this adjective after engaging in a mind-numbingly fast Trailblazer event that found me hurtling down Norway’s snowy Hafjell Descent in a Rhys Millen Racing PM580, at speeds in excess of 140MPH. One wrong jerk of the steering wheel and I’d slide into a snow embankment and flip end-over-end into oblivion. For 145 exhilarating seconds, I was barely in control of the 2000 pound racing beast underneath me, and I couldn’t get enough of it.

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fatalred alarm2920d ago

just bought it, gonna try it out now :). looks great.

gravemaker2920d ago

masterpiece? generic driving game

GMWPS32920d ago

Wow, 5/5! Masterpiece? Really??


I don't know about masterpiece but I do find this game to be twice as fun as Forza 3 and GT5. And yes I do own those games.