The release date of The Witcher 2 on consoles

Manufacturers Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings always speak up about the console version in superlatives, but whether it really is possible its existence?

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F4sterTh4nFTL2918d ago

Why do I have that feeling.

Quagmire2918d ago

Hope they port the first one aswell, it would be weird just to release Witcher 2 without the original

Mr Patriot2917d ago

On bluray and 7 dvds on 360 , they wont mind it trust me :)

BYE2917d ago

Just put an interactive story on the disc like on Mass Effect 2, that'd be fine.

Quagmire2917d ago

Why? Its not like Microsoft has exclusive rights this time around to stop ports, Witcher can easily be brought to console.

They were even working on one until the abandoned it.

jessupj2917d ago

It's good for the PC gamer's sake that they focused their efforts to take advantage of the PC hardware before porting to consoles.

It will be interesting to see how much better the game is at max settings on PC compared to the console versions. We might get a proper picture of how far ahead the PC is of the consoles.

In any case, I played the first witcher game and is was very good. I felt like the story line was just an excuse for a game, but everything else was very good. Combat got a bit boring towards the end. I'll be looking forward to playing the PS3 version and get me some of those juicy trophies.

Kee2917d ago

That'd be nice to be able to play this game... I've only heard good things about it.