Animal Crossing Wii Goes MMO

Animal Crossing for the Wii will be an MMO/social networking title. It's no great surprise – in a few short years, Animal Crossing has become one of Nintendo's most-loved and top selling franchises (over seven million copies sold), particularly in Japan. Nintendo refers to the title as a 'communications game' rather than a videogame, and playing already depends on real-world timekeeping, weather patterns, social conventions, and above all else economic interactions. In almost every way, Animal Crossing has always been the perfect MMO concept, and this development is simply a fulfilment of that promise.

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Radiomorph4103d ago

Finally some news about this game.

SW4103d ago

I hope that they really go innovative with the series. I would love to see the Wii's Weather incorporated into the game. Whatever your local weather is so would the game. And the Multiplayer which everyone has been screaming for, and got a little taste of with Wild Worlds. Cell phone messages I could give or take, but If you only have single local player I might have to buy another Wii.

ChickeyCantor4103d ago

didnt nintendo say : we wont do MMO? or was it MMORPG?